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  • Valentine's Day At Big Cat Rescue!!

    Watch as we celebrate Valentine's Day with our big cats. See the tigers enjoy the purr-fect Valentine's enrichment! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Big Cat Rescue

  • White Serval Is 4 Years Cancer Free

    Tonga the white serval had his nose removed to take off a cancerous mass. Now he is four years cancer free, and he is doing grr-eat!!!

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  • Eat Breakfast With Giraffes in Africa

    "You really appreciate the size of a giraffe's head when it's in your cereal bowl."

    Animalist News

  • Why Some African Poachers Stopped Killing Elephants

    In Zimbabwe, the transformation from poacher to elephant savior isn't just a personal choice, it is a financial one.

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  • Baby Vervet Monkey Rescue

    Lev and Boston stumble across a brush fire's helpless victim, a baby vervet monkey. They rescue her and get her safely to a sanctuary.

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  • Giraffe Sneak Attacks Woman in Pool

    He's just a thirsty fellow.

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  • Poachers Wiping Out Baby Rhinos

    Rhino's horns are made of keratin, yet sell for thousands of hundred of thousands of dollars.

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  • Baby Elephant Fights off 14 Lions

    When 14 lions are hungry, not much can get in their way. But we're rooting for underdog!

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  • Are Lions Total Jerks?

    This question may seem strange for an animal usually seen as respected and kingly, but the rules of lion hierarchy makes life as a lion look pretty ruthless. Learn about the structure of a lion pride and how these animals interact in this episode of Discovery World Safari.

    Discovery World Safari