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  • Big Cats On The Move

    Have you ever wondered how the big cats come home from vacation? Also watch as three other cats go on vacation, and the rehabs go outside.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Lets Put An End To Bobcat Trapping!!

    Learn about bobcat trapping for the use of fur, and how we can put a stop to it!

    Big Cat Rescue Extras

  • Meet Wyeth The Rehab Bobcat

    The day before Valentine's Day, a young bobcat was hit by a car. Learn the rescue story of this bobcat, Wyeth.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Valentine's Day At Big Cat Rescue!!

    Watch as we celebrate Valentine's Day with our big cats. See the tigers enjoy the purr-fect Valentine's enrichment! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Big Cat Rescue

  • A Tribute To Charaka Tiger

    On January 14, 2017, one of our newest rescues Charaka, passed over the rainbow bridge to a life of freedom.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Seth Tiger's Stinky Face Remix

    Watch as Seth encounters new smells as he experiences the vacation rotation for the first time. Get ready for lots of stinky face!!

    Big Cat Rescue

  • The Release Of Spirit Feather Bobcat

    After a successful rehab, Spirit Feather was ready to go back to the wild where she belongs.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • How Have The New Tigers Settled In?

    Check in on our latest rescue of five tigers to see how they have settled into their forever home here at the sanctuary.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Mrs. Claws And Her Christmas Cookie

    It would not be the holidays without checking in on Mrs. Claws and her Christmas cookie, Nabisco. Check out how they are getting along.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Holiday Gifts For The Big Cats

    The holidays are here! We celebrated by giving the big cats trees and gifts to enjoy the holiday season. Check out all of the fun!

    Big Cat Rescue