Cat Pack


  • DIY Wand Cat Toy with Pudge

    This DIY cat toy was made using some leftover supplies from some of the previous projects we've done. Use whatever you have on hand and attach it to a wooden dowel to make your own wand cat toy.

    Pudge It Yourself

  • DIY Waterslide Photo Transfer Mug

    Here's a quick and simple way to decorate a plain mug with a photo of your pet! You can use waterside decal paper on more than just ceramic surfaces. Use it on glass, porcelain, wax candles, wood, and more.

    Pudge It Yourself

  • DIY Cat Ear Headband with Pudge

    Make your own cat-ear headband!

    Pudge It Yourself

  • How to Train Your Human: Scotch Edition

    A final lesson from the Colonel, along with an important message from the Slave Beast.

    Colonel Meow

  • DIY Cat Tipi with Pudge

    Check out this super adorable and simple cat tipi you can make for your cat. No sewing needed!

    Pudge It Yourself

  • Have a Crappy Valentine's Day

    A special message on Valentine's Day, just as the Colonel would have wanted it.

    Colonel Meow

  • Valentines Day E-card from Pudge

    Say just the right thing this Valentine's Day with help from Pudge. Send a link to your favorite message to a friend or special someone.

    Pudge It Yourself

  • Hamilton the Hipster Cat's Guide to Going on a Date

    It's Valentine's and Hamilton is getting ready for his big date! Since he has always been popular with the ladies, he's sharing some tips that could help you get ready for your own date!

    Before It Was Cool with Hamilton the Hipster Cat