Sloth Week


  • Sloths Are Weird Gross and Beautiful

    Catie traveled to Costa Rica to explain some of weird, gross, and beautiful things about sloths!

    Weird, Gross and Beautiful

  • Sloth Noms on Favorite Flower Snack

    The hibiscus flower is one of the sloth's favorite treat! See how excited this sloth is to nom, nom, nom on one!


  • Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

    Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica rehabilitates injured or abandoned sloths to be release back into the wild.


  • Eat Your Vegetables Like a Good Sloth!

    This baby sloth doesn't mess around when it comes to eating his green beans and neither should you!


  • Meet The Jerk That HATES Sloths

    George Luclerc De Buffon, an eighteenth century French biologist was quoted saying sloths are the lowest form of life in the animal kingdom!

    Animalist News

  • Baby sloth gets rescued

    2 day old baby sloth is rescued after falling from his mother.


  • Bottle Feeding a Baby Sloth

    Watching a little baby sloth being bottle feeding never gets old. This little sloth signals when she's all done and get's tucked in for a nap!


  • Sloth Takes a Selfie

    The selfie epidemic is not just limited to humans - this sloth has selfie fever, too!


  • The Strange Pooping Habits Of A Sloth

    Sloths climb down from the trees to poop in order to help the moth population survive. Why do they want to help the moths.

    Animalist News

  • When a Sloth Chases You

    Just because they're slow doesn't make this chase any less thrilling!