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  • Meet Wyeth The Rehab Bobcat

    The day before Valentine's Day, a young bobcat was hit by a car. Learn the rescue story of this bobcat, Wyeth.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Bobcat Love - 3 Year Anniversary

    This year marks the 3 year anniversary of Max and Mary Ann bobcats. They were introduced 3 years ago, and they are still in love!!

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  • The Rescue Of 5 New Tigers

    We took in 5 new tigers from a failed pseudo sanctuary called Serenity Springs. This makes a part of the biggest big cat rescue in the U.S.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Leopard's 20th Birthday

    Sundari the leopard celebrates her birthday with a meat cake made by her favorite keeper.

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  • Checking In With Mrs. Claws Bobcat

    Check out the latest on Mrs. Claws bobcat, and find out if she is being released back in the wild or not.

    Big Cat Rescue Extras

  • It's A Big Cat HALLOWEEN!!

    Lions, Tigers, and Haunted Houses...OH MY!! Watch as some of our big cats enjoy their Halloween enrichent. Happy Halloween!!

    Big Cat Rescue

  • What Are The Big Cats Up To At Night?

    We teamed up with our former media producer, Chris from Cole ad Marmalade, to see what the big cats are up to after hours. Take a look!

    Big Cat Rescue

  • FAQ Friday: Is That A House Cat?

    We get asked a lot about our small species of wild cats, as many people confuse them with housecats. Learn more about these species.

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  • An Update On Our Rehab Bobcat Mrs.Claws

    Here is an update on our rehab bobcat Mrs. Claws's progress. Will she be able to be released back into the wild?

    Big Cat Rescue Extras

  • Rare Black Jaguar Takes a Long Swim

    No one was expecting a jaguar to start swimming by their boat.

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